Virginia State Reading Association

Award Winners 2016





Exemplary Reading Program

This award recognizes a school with an outstanding literacy program.

Winner: None (No Applicants)

Martha Reish

ILA Award

VSRA Reading Teacher of the Year/Ofie T. Rubin Reading Teacher


Each council is encouraged to recognize a reading teacher of the year. This award recognizes a teacher whose commitment to literacy is exemplary and unparalleled. These local council teachers of the year may then apply and be considered by VSRA for the Ofie T. Rubin Reading Teacher of the Year Award.



Laurie Lees

(Chesapeake Reading Council)


Heather Thomas (VA Beach)

Ann Dye (Monticello)

Andrea Crawford (Piedmont)

Susan Alis (Williamsburg)

Allison Yandle (Richmond)

Lindsey Woodruff (Suffolk)

Leah Baggett


Heather Walid




Adult/Intergenerational Literacy

This award recognizes a council working to support and encourage adult intergenerational literacy.


Roanoke Valley Reading Council’s Books for Babies Program

Contact Person: Tamara Teaff


Willie Mae Edmonds

James D. Mullins Leadership


This award recognizes an administrator who shows exceptional support of reading. The nominee is a strong advocate for reading, teachers and children; has a vision for a school or school system; consistently makes decisions based on a belief system; is creative in finding resources to support reading programs; and is a strong supporter of reading and/or VSRA or other reading-oriented organizations or groups.



Christina Alsop 

(Virginia Beach Reading Council)




VSRA/ILA Award for Technology and Reading

This award honors educators in K-12 who are making an outstanding and innovative contribution to the use of technology in reading education. VSRA is seeking to recognize one K-12 Virginia educator who will serve as our nominee to the ILA committee.

Winner: None This Year

Joan Rhodes


Membership Awards:

Anne Henry Award

Awards are given to three councils with the greatest percentage of renewing members. A renewing member is an individual who joined the previous membership year and the current membership year by April 15. Councils are compared to councils of similar size.


Secondary Reading Council

Virginia Beach Reading Council

Betty Yarborough Award

 Awards are given to three councils with the greatest increase in the percentage of members. The percentage is based on comparing the previous membership year to the current membership year by April 15. Councils are compared to councils of similar size.


Rappahannock Reading Council

Greater Washington Reading Council

Anne Perdue


$50 per council





$50 per council

Jones-Daly Faculty Involvement Award

This award recognizes college and university faculty, or those affiliated with a college or university, who demonstrate involvement and leadership in PK-12 literacy in the state. These individuals partner and support the efforts of VSRA and local reading councils, and they engage in visible efforts to improve PK-12 literacy. The award is named for Dr. Jill Jones who was passionate about reading in VA and who was tragically killed in the beginning of her term as VA College Reading Educators (VCRE) President in 2010 and for Dr. JoAnn Daly, former president of VCRE, who had hoped to develop such an award for many years.

Winner: Dr. Tammy Milby from University of Richmond

Julie Gray


International Scholarship Award


This award is available for VSRA members who are making a literacy presentation at a reading conference or conducting professional development outside of the USA. Two scholarships up to $450 each may be awarded to an individual or group. Recipient(s) will present a session sponsored by the International Projects Committee at the VSRA annual conference the following year.


Shannon Melideo

Marymount University

Putting a Book Into Every Child’s Hands-Putting Empowerment in Every Teachers’ Heart.

Focus: teacher training in rural Uganda

Anitra Butler-Ngugi

 Arlington Traditional School, Arlington County

 Hexagonal Learning: Six Sides of Deep Understanding and Student Interactions with Each Other & Content

presentation at the Third Baltic Sea-17th Nordic Literacy Conference in Turku/Abo, Finland

Kathleen Davin

up to $225 each

Merit Council

An award given by VSRA to recognize the activities of local councils in promoting literacy through service.

Winner(s): Chesapeake, Greater Washington, Monticello, Newport News, Richmond Area, Roanoke Valley, Secondary Reading, Shenandoah Valley, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Virginia College Reading Educators

Charles Richards


$75 per council

Honor Council-ILA Award

 An award given each year to recognize those councils that actively engage in a variety of opportunities to serve their members, local communities, VSRA, and the international literacy community.  To apply, access application form:


$75 per council

(monetary award given by VSRA)


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