Carmen Agra Deedy

Entertaining thousands of adults and children alike with her ultra energetic and charming style, Carmen Deedy has recounted her tales of growing up Cuban in Decatur, Georgia for over a decade.  Deedy's performances of the humorous adn poignant episodes of familial living ring a familiar tone in the ear while retaing the unique quality of her individual upbringing.  Not only does Deedy recount personal stories, she also tells classic folk tales from around the world and is an author of many published children's books, including: The Yellow Star, Treeman, The Library Dragon, and many more. She has been a regular contributor to National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" and "Latino USA" and has performed throughout the country gathering awards and honors along the way.  We welcome Carmen Deedy to the 38th Annual VSRA Conference in Arlington, VA.

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Last updated July 8, 2008


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