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Authors, Illustrators, and Speakers

There are many wonderful authors, illustrators, and speakers listed here.  Many of theses websites have activities, other books by the same author, and information about opportunities to hear them speak.  If you have suggestions for other authors that could be listed here, please let us know. 

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Mary Abouzeid
Peter Afflerbach-Publications:  "Teaching Reading Self-Assessment Strategies". "Report Cards and Reading", "STAIR: A System for Recording and Using What We Observe and Know About Our Students"
Richard Allington    
Mike Artell    
David Baldacci    
Mary Batten
Joan Bauer-won the 2001 Newbery Honor for her book, Hope Was Here, and a number of her books have appeared on the Virginia Young Readers list.  Her mixture of humor and realism makes her books favorites of middle grade and adolescent readers.  Joan will discuss her body of work as well as her latest book,  Stand Tall.
Dr. Rita Bean
Pam Berger
Cathy Collins Block
Fred Bowen    
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley -Virginia Young Readers Middle School List 2005
Muriel Miller Branch    
Toni Buzzeo    
Elisa Carbone    
Marcus Conyers    
Chris Crutcher    
Kalli Dakos
Donald Davis - Storyteller
Dianne de Las Casas - Connecting kids and learning through the arts
Dr. Jo Lynne DeMary - Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction
Sharon Draper    
Shane Evans    
Matt Faulkner    
Paul Fleisher    
Adrian Fogelin
Kathy Ganske-Common Sense Strategies for Fostering Students' Comprehension.  Publication: Word Journeys:  Assessment in Guided Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary Instruction
Chris Gavaler, Virginia Author - Creative Writing: A Tool for Critical Thinking in the New Era for Literacy.
Jim Grant
Jerome Harste    
Will Hobbs
Sara Holbrook - author, performer, educator.  Poetry for children and adults.
Hilary Hyland - Author of The Wreck of the Ethie, which won the  MAXWELL MEDAL for "Best Children's Book 2000
Marcia Invernizzi


Jerry Johns -Publications include:  Fluency: Questions, Answers, and Evidence-Based Strategies; Improving Reading: Strategies and Resources; and Teaching Beginning Readers: Linking Assessment and Instruction
Denise Johnson
Rachel Karchmer    
Joan Kindig    
Annette Curtis Klause    
Donna Knoell, Educational Consultant. Helping Students Achieve Reading Success in All Content Areas and For Life. 
Stephen Krensky
Jarrett Krosoczka
Kathleen Kudlinski    
Rosary Lalik    
Stephen Layne    
Lois Lowry    
Mary Lyons    
Elizabeth Massie
Megan McDonald
Storytelling by Alice McGill. Author of Molly Bannahy, Here We Go Round, Miles' Song, and In the Hollow of Your Hand: Slave Lullabies. 
Jacquie McTaggart    
Angela Shelf Medearis    
Laura Krauss Melmed
Ben Mikaelsen
Claudia Mills - author of Virginia Young Reader's winner, 7 x 9 = Trouble!  and many more!
Megan Tschannen-Moran    
Carolyn Musselwhite
Jerdine Nolen
Kim Norman
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent - Author.  Inspiring Readers Through Lewis and Clark.  Publications:  Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark, The Lewis and Clark Trail:  Then and Now: When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature's Balance in Yellowstone, is an honor book for the 2009 Orbis Pictus Award from NCTE.
Gay Su Pinnell    
Larry Points    
Nancy Polette
Mary Quattlebaum -  2006 Virginia Young Readers Elementary List
James Ransome
Doreen Rappaport
Carolyn Reeder
Pat Richards - Contact Pat for speaking engagement information.   
Mara Rockliff
Dr. Cathy H. Roller-Director of Research and Policy, IRA Headquarters
Colleen Salley
Jon Scieszka - (pronounced Shess Ka), author of Math Curse, The
Stinky Cheese Man
, The Three Little Pigs, and other award winning titles will share his fractured sense of humor that has encouraged scores of young readers!  Learn about his Guys Read initiative.
Frank Serafini
Cheryl Sigmon
Chris Soentpiet-Illustrated works include: Molly Bannaky, So Far From the Sea, and More Than  Anything Else.
Javaka Steptoe    
Janet Stevens    
Steven Swinburne    
Hudson Talbot    
Neil Waldman    
Deborah Wiles